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BookCoverLegal Analysis: 100 Exercises for Mastery by Cassandra L. Hill and Katherine T. Vukadin

100 Exercises for Mastery – which has been well received and adopted and used by law school professors and pre-law advisors throughout the nation – gives law students the practice they need to master legal analysis.  100 Exercises for Mastery provides this practice and fills the legal analysis gap between mystery and mastery.  The book provides the following:

  • Highlights the importance of analysis to succeed in law school and practice
  • Introduces legal analysis to novices using non-legal and easily-understood exercises
  • Includes 100 progressive legal analysis exercises for students to complete
  • Provides students with sample annotated answers for 50 of the exercises
  • Sets out 100 legal analysis exercises for professors to use as in-class assignments or assessment measures
  • Provides a Teacher’s Manual for professors with annotated sample answers for all 100 exercises

To purchase 100 Exercises for Mastery, click here.

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