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      1.  Why PREP FOR LAW?

Pre-law students:  PREP FOR LAW provides a host of services for the aspiring law student.  In particular, we offer law school preparation classes and career and writing assistance for students.

Organizations:  PREP FOR LAW can work with your group to provide a seminar or workshop on a wide-range of topics, or if you have a topic in mind, we can design a presentation that meets your organization’s goals.

Writing and Career Services:  PREP FOR LAW provides editing and drafting services for a variety of documents, such as cover letters, resumes and writing samples.  We also provide career consultations to discuss your career goals and develop a plan.

      2.  Can the legal writing workshops include feedback from PREP FOR LAW?

Yes.  Our law school preparation classes are uniquely designed as a workshop where participants can receive actual feedback on assignments.  Plus, our classes are affordable and class size is limited to maximize class participation.

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